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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors (Radial lead type)

High reliability, long life, low impedance and high ripple current.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors (Radial lead type)

Our top products

capacitor lytic-radial TP

Lytic capacitors - Radial


- 135°C/1000h to 2000h
- 125°C/2000h to 5000h
- High ripple
capacitor lytic radial FR

Lytic capacitors - Radial


- 105°C/5000h to 10000h
- Low impedance

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Other available products

FP series

- High ripple current (2 - 2.5x larger than FC series)
- High capacitance (≤60% larger than FC series)
- AEC-Q200 compliant

FS series

-105°C/5000~10000 hours
- Low ESR
- Miniature