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news High Power on PCB
Events and trade shows

Save the date - and register now: High power switching on PCB

On June 10th, Panasonic Industry and Elektronik Praxis are inviting to a hybrid live event spotlighting aspects of high power switching on the PCB.
sensors PaPIRS flat square teaser
New product introductions

PaPIRs: “Flat Square Type” for elegant product designs

Panasonic Industry extends its series of Passive Pyroelectric Infrared motion sensors with an unobtrusive “Flat Square Type”
Panasonic Campus CXC PR teaser Panasonic Industry
Corporate information

Panasonic opens Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Munich

Joint development of innovation – Panasonic presents a new exchange and experience platform on 6,000 square meters.
Mediapool Promotion-Banner_PR_1500x1000 Panasonic Industry
Apps and Software

Mediapool - the media files you need – at one glance

Extended – and even more intuitive: Panasonic Industry relaunches its online library Mediapool - still for free and without registration.
PR Panasonic Industry relay Autodesk Fusion 360 Teaser
Apps and Software

Another leap in digital PCB design

Panasonic Industry 3D relay component libraries now available in Autodesk Fusion 360.
Sensor 6DoF teaser
New product introductions

High performance motion detection: the new 6DoF sensor series.

Panasonic Industry’s 6DoF inertial sensor series delivers precise information about the state and motion of a vehicle or machinery to a control unit.
Ten times better: a liberation blow in switching performance
New product introductions

Switching performance, ten times better

The new Panasonic Industry 1FormA AQV209G PhotoMOS® relay remarkably outperforms its predecessor.
capacitors hybrid ZU ZSU
New product introductions

More capacitance, less dissipation

New ZU and ZSU series of Electrolytic Polymer Hybrid Capacitors – a remarkable evolution of the previous ZS series.
Active Optical Connector (AOC)
New product introductions

Active Optical Connectors with boosted transmission speed

Panasonic Industry Europe increases specified transmission speed from 6 to 8 Gbps for its successful V series of Active Optical Connectors.
capacitors lytic smd smt FH HF D8
New product introductions

Capacitance that lasts

New V-FH long life type of SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor range coming with excellent temperature characteristics.
Panasonic Industry  distribution awards
Distribution and Retail

Distribution Awards 2020: The winners

Panasonic Industry Europe honors its distributors’ efforts and spirit of collaboration in a virtual ceremony
news thermal solutions GraphiteTIM teaser
Product notices

Handling the heat: Thermal dissipation with GraphiteTIM©

Panasonic Industry introduces new type of its Graphite Thermal Interface Material (TIM) for efficient thermal dissipation on power modules