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Vaccination program at headquarters in Ottobrunn
Corporate information

Company doctors vaccinate employees and family members

Company doctors will vaccinate employees with COVID-19 vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson at the Ottobrunn headquarters
Distribution and Partnerships

Panasonic Factory Solutions engages in new partnership

SMD-Tec distributes the Panasonic Factory Solutions portfolio, particularly Smart Factory software solutions as well as high-end automation products.
Events and trade shows

Successful IoT get-together: over 100 participants at Access IoT 2021

On June 17th, the 2021 Access IoT took place at Panasonic Campus Munich. More than 100 participants attended expert lectures on IoT trends and technologies.
Panasonic Industry and Sensible 4 announce research and testing collaboration with new IMU for full self-driving vehicle software
Cooperations and partnerships

Joint efforts for another leap in autonomous driving technology

Panasonic Industry and Sensible 4 announce research and testing collaboration with new IMU for full self-driving vehicle software.
news High Power on PCB Panasonic Industry Vogel
Events and trade shows

Many perspectives on a clear trend: High power switching on PCB

On June 10th, more than 80 participants gained valuable insights from various experts’ perspectives on high power switching on the PCB during a joint symposium.
PR Image Panasonic Industry Red Phosphorus Teaser

Insights on red phosphorous flame retardants – whitepaper available.

During ICEC, Panasonic Industry addressed solutions to overcome contact resistances caused by phosphorous outgassing – and now offers a dedicated whitepaper.
APV series Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers
New product introductions

The force you choose: high-power types of Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers

Panasonic Industry adds high-current or high-voltage output models to its lineup of APV series Photovoltaic MOSFET drivers
wireless connectivity wi-fi PAN9520
New product introductions

The new PAN9520 Wi-Fi module

New 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n embedded Wi-Fi module provides security features required for compliance with WPA2 and WPA3-Personal Wi-Fi security standards.
wireless connectivity bluetooth PAN1781
New product introductions

Lightweight evolution

The new lightweight PAN1781 Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy module from Panasonic Industry suits a wide range of mid and high volume application designs.
Panasonic Industry Wirepas landing page news
Cooperations and partnerships

Connected in connectivity

Panasonic Industry announces combining the popular PAN1780 Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy module with the Wirepas Massive firmware.
Access IoT Panasonic Campus Munich
Events and trade shows

Access IoT 2021 @ Panasonic Campus Munich: Register now!

On June 17th, the 2021 Access IoT conference takes place as hybrid event with renowned speakers focusing on various aspects of key IoT technologies.
switches sealed-micro-switch ASQMR
New product introductions

New IP67 ASQMR switch with resistor-based detection of failure modes

Containing two chip resistors as voltage dividers, the switch detects lead wire break or short circuits and prevents the application from damage.