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Future Battery Forum Panasonic Industry
Events and trade shows

Catch up on the evolution of battery: Join the Future Battery Forum

Digitally join Panasonic Industry on the Future Battery Forum (Dec.10th/11th) - gain first-hand insights on the essence of future battery applications
PaPir ltra_Slight_Motion_Detection_Type_shadow
New product introductions

New PaPIRs Wide Area & Ultra Slight Motion Detection types

One 14mm lens - two optical variants allows interoperability within a single housing
Panasonic Industry Relay Automotive
New product introductions

High capacity TT automotive relay for next-gen vehicle technology

New 60A-rated TT series relays meets the increasing demand for PCB-based miniaturized components in the context of modern automotive applications
CAPACITORS SP-Cap Polymer Capacitors SMD Duo teaser
Corporate information

Polymer capacitors and graphic cards – Panasonic disproves rumours

Panasonic Industry disproves rumors regarding the alleged harmfulness of Polymer capacitor technology for CPU and GPU boards
Panasonic Industry introduces small laser sensors
New product introductions

A fresh idea for cleanest air: New Particulate Matters Sensors

Based on laser scattering technology, the PM sensors guarantee accurate PM2.5, PM10 & PM1 detection of smoke, dust and other pollutant in the air.
capacitors polymer os-con svt news teaser
New product introductions

The SVT series capacitors stand for robustness and reliability

With low ESR and excellent noise reduction capability the SVT series capacitors are ideal for industrial applications.
capacitors film ECQUA teaser news
New product introductions

Panasonic Industry releases 310VAC rated Automotive Film Capacitors

The ECQUA series features a rated voltage range of 275VAC up to 310 VAC and enables designs with high demands on safety and reliability.
New product introductions

New NCR18650BD-Improved battery

With NCR18650BD-Improved, the new Lithium-ion cell, Panasonic introduces the ultimate battery solution for a wide range of applications.
Panasonic-Industry NXP-collaboration
Cooperations and partnerships

Collaboration with NXP Semiconductors intensified

NXP announced Panasonic Industry as Gold partner to increase common developments.
New product introductions

Panasonic Industry releases 300VAC rated Safety Class Y2/X1 Film Caps

ECQUB series enables designs of high safety and high reliability
capacitors polymer poscap TPS TPSF TQS teaser
New product introductions

Panasonic Industry Europe presents new compact TPS series capacitors

Long lifespan and large capacitance values for applications like wearables or notebooks
New product introductions

Smaller size of ZS-Series

High capacitance and ripple current ratings series, is suitable for miniaturized trend